Hex: The Full Story is for anyone - hobbyist, professional, student, teacher - who enjoys board games, game theory, discrete math, computing, or history. hex was discovered twice, in 1942 by Piet Hein and again in 1949 by John F. nash. How did this happen? Who created the puzzle for Hein's Danish newspaper column? How are Martin Gardner, David Gale, Claude Shannon, and Claude Berge involved? What is the secret to playing Hex well? The answers are inside...

New documents on Hein's creation of Hex, the complete set of Danish puzzles, and the identity of their composer
Chapters on Gale's game Bridg-it, the game Rex, computer Hex, open Hex problems, and more
Dozens of new puzzles and solutions
Study guide for Hex players
Supplemenetary text for a course in game theory, discrete math, computer science, or science history